Saturday, June 20, 2009

Updates and News..

Hello Friends. I have been more busier than a starving tick on a dead hound dog, or a brain sucker on a headless Zombie. Lol Things are moving at a very fast pace and I am doing everything I can to keep up with them. I've been trying to get a new website up, and man that has been a nightmare. Just trying to get all the FTP code right is a real pain in the butt. We got our new domain through GoDaddy, and I can't say enough good things about them. They have and excellent support system where you can actually talk to a real person on the phone when you have a problem, and they don't charge you! . But the problem was that we bought the domain name through a partner of theirs, and the website through them. So they're are 2 sets of user names and passwords and that was causing me havoc trying to figure out where I was messing up. But now it is straight and unless I've done something else really stupid, the site should be up sometime on Monday, at least part of it. It is going to take a while to get it all done, including original art for sale and prints. Cheryl has still got to tackle the Zazzle and CaFe Press thing.
The bad thing is, we've both been sick. Me with a chest infection and my baby with a pulled tooth and then a tooth infection. It's been a rough week, but the world goes on and people still expect you to meet the deadlines, show up for work and so on. We understand that and accept it. It is the nature of the beast as the saying goes. The world has been good to us, and we still have to perform sick or not. I have been slowly getting better, but it has gotten warm here in Michigan, and going out in the heat makes it very hard for me to breathe right now.
I've got a decent shot at doing some cd art for a new hip-hop/rap album and I am going to post the link to the main song. I personally like it a lot, but it is not something I would want Cheryl's kids to hear. There is language and the theme may be offensive to some of you. So, I would save that I would give it a "R" rating, and it is for only mature listeners. The song is called "Come get some" by Big Koz and Aztech. Here is the link I really think this song is going to be a big hit.
Another big hit I believe is going to be "Mental Scars" The story is very original, and it is very well done for a first time effort. They even shot it in 35 mm. Another thing is the 2 producers Richard and Mischa. These guys are not fooling around. They are sparing no expense in the promotion or anything. I am so proud to be part of the Viper Production Team. Good things are really coming our way, and they are some surprising changes I didn't expect, but that is something to talk about another day.
I got a BIG check this week as well from the Evil Nerd Empire. I will have that new illo put together in the next couple of days, I promise. This week I am also going to start looking into doing some local commercial work as well. We just got a very nice logo design program and I will be making some kick butt logo designs for me and my friends, and as you can can guess, that is big money in the commercial world, and Michigan has a large commercial market. A heck of a lot bigger than in NC. (Which reminds me, I sure am glad I'm not there, the heat index there is 104 today) I love Michigan.
Well, It's family night and we have the pizza and gonna watch a good movie. me and Cheryl will probably cuddle up on the couch. Love is a wonderful thing, I hope that you all have love in your life as well. I went so long with out it, i do appreciate it much more than I ever did in the past. Of course, being with the right person is everything, right Tracy?
Peace and Blessings all.


Geo said...

well sounds lke you have been busy like me,maybe even a tad more...

cant wait to see the new website.

take care.

Nick Rose said...

Thanks George. Today may be the day!