Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Business end......

Business is something. I never knew that so much could go into a contract. Darn. Richard and Me spent the better part of the day just trying to get the contract right for Mental Scars Graphic Novel. But the ink is signed, and I'll start working on it very soon. I want be able to show you much art from it for now though, everything is Top Secret in this business. I got the screener today, and Cheryl and I are going to watch it tonight. Above is a promo sketch I did based on material that the public has already seen. I just wanted to start getting a feel for it. I think the mood is awesome. Let me know what you think.
I've been watching tutorials on Corel Painter today as well. Now that I own the full version, I am learning to make up my own personal pallets, brushes, colors, ect. Awesome program for any "Real" artist out there. It doesn't do the work for you, but it makes it much easier, faster and economical for all us starving artist types. I've also bought some really nice Logo/font design programs, as well as ones that I can create my own pages for the website, facebook or any place I go to promote the work.
Everything is coming together. Tomorrow I will get a page up at to let folks know that its coming, and for now just promote the blog and my photobucket site. Cheryl is going to be putting up merchandising sites for products, and outside of promoting Viper Productions, all the wonderful things that Wicked Kitty Enterprises has in store for any fan of my work. I know I say this a bunch, but I am very thankful that you all keep up with I am doing, and I really love the letters you leave me. On Facebook you all leave me a good deal of messages, and thank you for the well wishes when you all found out about the chest infection. Your just to cool, and I'm like anyone else, nice words from your friends make you happy.
These last 2 years have been one heck of a ride for those of you that knew me back then. I practically disappeared from publishing and the web. I made the decision just to work hard, and I worked very hard, putting a lot of negative things out of my life.. Last year, I decided to make a comeback, and Its just so wonderful how many of you have stayed with me. Now I have Cheryl and the Kids, all these fancy new tools, and a very happy life. If I died today, i would die being happy for the first time in my life.
I'm gonna have to git in a little while to pick up Cheryl from work, so once I get the website started, I will post about that, and I still have to put together that pic for Darc Karnivale, plus finish the wicked kitty logo, and a new logo for Viper Productions. Peace and Blessings Friends.


Geo said...

that eye is creepy as hell. love it. glad to see "nick" the horror lover back !

good things come to those who wait.its your time dude !

Nick Rose said...

Thank you my friend. I'll use my eye in my pic's more often! lol