Saturday, June 13, 2009

Notes and News

There is always a beginning, and this sketch is the beginning of something big for me and Cheryl. I just want to tease you for the moment, but you will be seeing much more of this sketch and all that goes with it, including our new web domain. Yes, finally there is going to be a new Nick Rose site, and it will keep you updated on all the things going on with links, art, original art for sale, prints, t-shirts and on and on. There is so much going on right now, I can't even keep you updated on it all here. Cheryl will be helping now keeping everything up to date.
I want to talk about a lot of things while I enjoy some Rum, darn I need to unwind. The first thing to talk about is the woman I love, the woman I have waited all my life for, my mate, my best friend, the one that keeps me going, working hard, and takes care of me, Cheryl. Some of you did good young and found your perfect mate, mine I had to wait for for 51 years. But she is here now, and we are gonna kick some serious ass and build an empire. Think I am kidding, just watch. She bought our domain name last night and our new website. This was thought about for a good while, considering all the things we want to do, and all the things that we need to protect legally. I do have a history of so called friends stealing my idea's from me, and trying to take credit for them. That ends now. Cheryl is a hard ass, and she will not put up with such crap anymore. You cross the line, you will be sued and in some cases go to prison. We work hard on our idea's, developing them, promoting them, putting money into making them successful and we will not let some no talent take them from us anymore. Yes, hard ass is the new attitude.
I have quit smoking, finally for the last time. I am doing really good with it, my breathing is much better, I have more energy, all of it. I feel much better, and Cheryl says I am not waking up at night coughing like a mad man. I know this was worrying her really much. For the first time I can remember in a very long time, I want to live. I really want to live and see where Life's road takes me, us. I know most of my personal friends never thought I would ever take a mate, but when destiny stares you in the face you best grab it while you have the chance. Life doesn't give you to many chances at the "real Deal" so when it happens, you best grab on and hold on for dear life. Damn this rum is good, and so is the Pizza. There's this pizza place here in Michigan called "Jets" and it is the bomb.
Another blessing is the kids, Andrea 10 years old, and Luke is 7. I love them dearly. Andrea is showing really big signs of being a creative talent. For instance, at her age she is writing, drawing and acting. Luke, I haven't figured out, but at this point I would say it has something to do with computer games or Disney movies lol. Seeing their young innocent faces, knowing they are looking up to me just makes me want to work harder to give them the future they deserve. Andrea is adding a lot of input to our new company, and a lot of it we are going to give a shot.
Some friends I don't talk about much are Scott and Kim. They are the reason I moved to Michigan, and in a lot of cases have been more family to me than most of my real family, except for Christina. They have been great to me, and made sacrifices on my behalf to give me a chance at a new future. Now that that future is happening, they are very happy for Cheryl and me. I am eternally grateful to them for all they have done for me.
But all my friends, mostly, have been stood behind me and encourage me all the way down the road. I love them and will always hold them dear in my heart. The main ones are George, Daniel, Mark and Suzi. Unfortunately, you make a lot of friends that are there just for what you can do for them, and I do have a lot of them. Sorry guys, but the truth is the truth.
Another thing to other bloggers out there. Quit using so much bad language in your blogs. Do you not realize that young people are reading it too, and in some cases they look up to you. Your right to blog is developing the talent and leaders of the future. Do you really want to try to impress on them that a foul mouth with no class is the voice that may be influencing them? The world is messed up enough, so how about let's teach them about class, manors and the responsibility that they may have on the generation after them. Quit acting like arrogant jerks to try to make yourself look like something your not.
I am just touching on a few things in this blog that I will be touching on again. So, thank you for stopping by and reading the rants of a hard working man. As I said before, and I will say over and over. I am no one special. I am just a carpet layer who has always had a dream to be able to make his living doing what he loves which outside of Cheryl and the kids, is art. Peace and Blessings to you all, and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Geo said...

glad to call you friend !

Nick Rose said...

I've always been proud to call you friend George.