Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's do a Logo!

Hello my friends. Thank you for stopping by and hopefully you will find this interesting. Above is the beginning of a commercial assignment I am doing for Viper productions. If you go to the link, you will see the original logo they started with. Now VP wants to update it and make it look more professional and usable for things like t-shirts, hat designs, movie logos and so on. So they hired me to do just that, and like all art, it starts with concepts, which is what I have posted above. From the concept, the client tells me what they like and don't, and then we move to the second stage which I will try to show you tomorrow night. I am showing you this so you can get idea of how commercial work goes. It is very different from just an Illustration, and of course it pays about 10 times the amount as well.
Now that I am a full time illustrator, I need to do about one of these a week to keep the bill's paid and much more. The illustration jobs I am doing are paying very large, but the paychecks are down the road, so we have to pay the bills until then (Plus I want to have a ton of money for when we go to Japan to really have a awesomeeeee time!) This week I am concentrating on getting a lot of my old and new commercial work scanned to put on the Wicked Kitty website. Things are in full swing now and are going to stay that way. They are going to be some major articles and interviews coming out about me with me in publications such as Fangoria. Yep, Fangoria. I am going to be on local and national radio and TV shows over the next few months and beyond with all the movie stuff going on.
But by far, the best thing is all the new friends I have made. All of these wonderful people are following my career and cheering me and Cheryl on. I do my best to share all of it with everyone. It wasn't that long ago that I was watching others and cheering them on. I remember feeling great pride for my friends that I had watched and saw their careers blossom. Now it is my turn, and I am going to do my very best.
I am going to adding more links soon to my clients and talking more about them. These people are awesome. I had a IChat meeting tonight that just made mine and Cheryl's week. We're going out Friday night to celebrate in a big way.
Speaking of Cheryl, (and she gets mad at me for giving her so much credit, but the truth is it is because of her all these wonderful things are happening. She believes in me and she stands beside me 120%. I was about to give up until she came along. So yes, she deserves a lot of credit) she is stepping up to help me make everything happen. She has taken a lot of pressure off of me taking care of things that I just don't have time to do. So she is my hero. Now and forever. I love you darling.
So my friends, I will see you soon. Peace and Blessings to all of you.


Geo said...

very nice nick. the color pallet in that snake is really makes it work.i cant wait to see the next step.

for me watching your works in progress pieces helps alot. someone like myself who sometimes doesn't take in what is told (not on purpose), looking at stages of work and seeing it progress gives me an idea how its done and i learn from that.

keep up doping them !

Bill Mulligan said...

Having your loved one's believe in you is one of the most important parts of being able to succeed. Success can come without it but that is very rare indeed.

It's also good that you recognize her contribution. Happiness to you both!

Nick Rose said...

George, I know why we are so tight, because we are very much the same. I learn the same as you. Can't wait to see you next one for Damnation Books. The first 2 are amazing!!!

Nick Rose said...

Thank you so much Bill. Your words are so true. I hope your as happy as us my friend.