Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mental Scars, A fan Club, and the filming wrapped up!

Hello my friends. Yep that is a pic of me at the top. For once i am pleased with a picture that someone (Cheryl) took of me. She shot this today while we where doing the final filming for "Kings of Scream...The Blood Brothers" I should have some film clips that I can show you in a couple of weeks.
After my pic there are 2 close ups from the Mental Scars graphic novel. I wish I could show you the whole page,, but sorry, I am under contract. I will be showing you close-up/cut-a-ways for the next couple of months though as we continue to promote the movie and Graphic Novel. Up next is the cover though, and I think I can show you that, since they will be promoting that right off.
Every day is getting wilder and wilder. This morning I woke up to find this video made by a young friend of mine from Africa named Utiqano, and this video is awesome. I think I've watched it 20 times today. And then this young man started a fan club for me on Facebook, Fanclub link In one day, he got over 600 fans to join. He told me we are shooting for 1000 a day. Now this young fellow is one heck of a PR man. I have fans from all over the world now. He set it up as a Global fan club, and I was looking at the people who joined and they are from everwhere, leaving me messages in languages I don't even know. I am floored by all this, I really am. There calling me,( just plain ole NIck), the King of Scream Kings. On one hand I am so thrilled with all of this, and on the other hand I"m tripping. Just 3 months ago I was still laying carpet to survive. Now I am being featured in movies, books (not just my art, but about me) major magazines, fan clubs and on and on. Man, when you ship comes in, it really does.
I feel like the luckiest man on earth. I finally after many, many years of searching found my soulmate, and now my first love has become a reality as well. I live each day loving everything I do. What more could anyone ask for? Peace on earth maybe? I took a step today to rid myself of all the anger that I feel has held me in chains for so long. When I am rid of that, I keep asking what will I be able to do next.
Peace and Blessing my dear friends. Love to all of you.


Geo said...

hey nick, iam happy for all the positives in your life but most proud that you are working to get rid of your personal demons ! rock on brotha !

Nick Rose said...

Thank you George. I already feel better because of it.

rups said...

it is new type of concept.. and pictures.. so they are always acceptable.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you Rups