Thursday, July 2, 2009

Logo, the sequel!

Hello my friends. This is part 2 of the logo design. My clients, Viper Productions loved the original design I showed you in the last post. But they made some suggestions, which is what you expect doing this kind of work. That is why you show it step by step to make sure you don't waste a lot of time. ( I got some letters from you all as well, and you made some excellent suggestions, and I thank you very much for that. But the trick is doing commercial work is creating what your client See's in their mind, and making it happen. Sometimes that is very boring and draining, so that is why you stick to a medium you love. When I did commercial work before, the mistake I made was that I was doing things I hated. But right now I ask myself, would I want to work for some idiot who drinks Monster drinks all day and pisses off everyone they work for, Lies to me, uses me, steals from me and make my life hell for a little money or would I want to use my talents to make something good, make 1000's a week doing what I love and be very happy? You don't have to be smart to figure that one out.)
Life is so good for us now. For instance, while I am talking to Viper Productions via IChat, and their just praising the heck out of my work, I have another movie company IMing me, trying to work out a deal for me to do the work that they need.
In the illo above, Viper wanted me to turn the cobra's head toward the viewer more, and show blood on the fangs. Not a problem, In the sketch above you see the head more turned, and I have to admit I like it. It real time, the illustration is done and approved, but I can't show the final on here just yet. Viper wants to premiere it on their website and facebook first. It is exciting to see a cleint who is excited about the work you have done for them. I will put the final up here next week, but in the meantime look for it on Facebook and the Viper website. Peace and Blessings all. Please have a safe and happy holiday!
I hope that all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday, and I pray that each of you have peace and blessings in your life. Be true to your dreams and work hard. Later!

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