Saturday, July 4, 2009

Logo done, now on to the website!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today is the day, we as a people declared our Independence from a tyranny that taxed us and worked us to death. Today is the day we said,"No More" It is truly a day to celebrate. But I put a question to you, "What has really changed?" We are still being taxed to death. Probably worse now than way back then. Our voice really doesn't mean much. I mean we can vote, but it's always like voting for the lesser of 2 evils. I think in reality that the only thing that has changed is the face of the evil. It's still there. But heck, at least they let us enjoy fireworks today, and beer! I've had great hope that Obama would change some of this and I haven't given up on him, but so far we are just a lot deeper in dept.
But the people of our country are what make this a good holiday. Cooking out is one of the real biggies, but most folks are happy on holidays and are out just having fun. That's the part I like, people smiling and people happy.
Last night Cheryl and I went out to a real classy club, and I had a blast. It was really a nice place, the people where awesome, the drinks where cheap and I got to hear my honey sing her heart out. Back down south I didn't go to clubs. Down there if you went to a club, you could count on some drunk getting in your face or someone hitting on your date. Before the night was done you could count on seeing several fights, watching people act like total idiots and dealing with the cops. A real fun night, if your an redneck moron. So, I didn't get out much. About the only time I went anywhere is when I would travel to conventions. Now that's fun! Conventions are usually a blast and the people are wonderful, intelligent (most of them) and talented. I haven't been to a convention in a couple of years now and I am starting to get the itch to do them again.
I am going to being doing appearances soon at comic stores in the MI area to start promoting my new work and Mental Scars. I am looking forward to that. I just ordered a bunch of paper to start running prints again. So all the new work you have seen from me this last year will be available when you see me and on the website. That's going to be my holiday weekend, working on the website and spending time with Cheryl and the kids.
You know, Cheryl has never seen the Rocky Horror Picture show. I think tonight is going to be the night! I know she'll love it. Tomorrow she will be singing "There's a Light" lol I"ll let you know how that goes.
I almost forgot. At the top is the finished Viper Illustration. The Lettering I put on the samples above is not the type that is going to be used in the Logo. I just did those for the website. Time to get busy! Peace and Blessings!

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Geo said...

looking good nick, happy 4th !