Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1800 fans in 4 days, wow!!

Hello my friends!!! On top is the finished version of the "A New False Hope" illustration for the Darc Karnivale book published by the awesome "Evil Nerd Empire" and below that is the Movie trailer for the "Mental Scars" movie. It really rocks folks. On top of that, I found out today that I am being featured in yet another book about horror greats, like for instance, the dude that played "Pinhead" in the Hellraiser books and one of the greatest horror directors of allllllllllll time. More on that next blog, including the the book jacket. Man, life is good, and I thank god, the powers that be, and the angels who watch over me for all the blessings they have given me. An it seemed liked this all started when Cheryl and I fell in love. Maybe it was because I felt like I finally had a purpose, or maybe she was the missing piece. Who knows, but its all good my friends.
The thing that is really blowing my mind is that since the fan club went up 4 days ago, we now have 1800 + fans and it is growing constantly. I am so thankful for this and all the publishers out there that are promoting the heck out of me and Wicked Kitty Studio. The only problem is that I am working myself to death. lol. I'm so excited that all I want to do is work and not sleep. I know I've said this time and time again, but thank you to each and everyone of you for this. I love you all and I give thanks everyday that you even take an interest in what I do.
Tomorrow I start the cover for the "Mental Scars" graphic novel. I can't show you step by step according to contract, but I can show you the finished version. And when it is done, there will be t-shirts and prints available as well. Every since I started selling prints on the site 3 days ago, we have 287 orders!!!!!! If you want one, best do it now before they are all sold out. Get prints and original art here.
I think one of the things that is really blowing mine and Cheryl's minds is that we are getting fans from all over the world and I mean all over the world. We have more fans overseas as much as we have in the states. The hard part is I get letters in languages that I have no clue to what the heck folks are saying to me, but I did find a program for my Imac today that intrepid's different languages for me.
Friends, things have changed in a big way, and to take advantage of them and grow as a company, and to make a good living you have to adjust. So to any artist out there doing what I am doing, adapt. Your dealing with the world now, just not Kanas.
Ok my friends, I have to work on some contracts tonight so I leave you with, I love you all and thank you all. Peace and Blessings in your life. If i can help you or give advice, just write.

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