Monday, July 6, 2009

Portrait Time!!! Just in time for Christmas!

Hello my friends. It is portrait time again. I normally start doing them this time of year so I get them all done before Christmas, but each year I get more and more. But I love doing them. One of the main reasons i do them is to bring happiness to everyday folks, that is another reason I do them so cheap. I want everyone to be able to have my art, not just the "Rich" buyers, so I do all variety's of things in different ways so everyone can have something by me that wants something. Go here to see my pricing and all
I've got the website looking good. If you got a minute or two check us out please.
I really want to hear want you all think. Did I do good? Do I need to fix something? Your opinion means so much to me, so please take a minute or two to help me out. Go here
Today has been a good day, just very busy. I have so much to do. Tomorrow is printing out artwork for my portfolio and doing e-mails and phone calls to local companies. Have a good one everyone. Peace and Blessings

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