Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday night is the right time.

Hello my friends. It's Friday night and it's my one night to take some "Nick" time. Normally I am glued to the tube watching the re-air of "Ghost Adventurers" (one of my more favorite shows) but they didn't show it a second time like normal. I'm gonna write the Travel Channel a very nasty letter later. lol. Not really. But there is another British Ghost show that comes on at 11 that's pretty good.
My honey was going to go out and do some Karaoke tonight, but that got cancelled too. The person that does the Karaoke thing didn't show up, so she's a little bummed out. We normally go together, but I just really wanted a nice quiet night at home. The Kids will be here tomorrow night and it will be anything but quiet. I love children, especially Andrea and Luke, but they are WIDE open! lol. But I wouldn't trade them for anything. They do bring a lot of joy and pride to our lives. I know they are Cheryl's children, but I have taken them into my heart.
We did have a wonderful afternoon though. When Cheryl got home, she took me out to eat at this awesome Chinese restaurant here in Saginaw. This place is the bomb. I had tonsssss of veggie's and some awesome Muscles. She had Crab legs. We ate so much we waddled out of the restaurant to Wally World where we stocked up on food.
Since I have become a full time artist, we had to cut back on a couple of things to bring our bills down some, but nothing major. But we are still able to eat well, pay the bills and go out and have some fun. To me, for starting a new business, this is awesome. We are doing pretty well, and a lot of that is because of the way the fans have taken to me. Print sales are wonderful, and we're selling some originals as well. That is surprising considering the economy, but i am being realistic and selling things at a price that everyday working people can afford. Right now, we're just like you, trying to keep our heads above water and survive.
We've been talking about me dealing with my past anger issues and not being able to forgive people for the wrongs that they have dealt me. Well, I am very happy to say that in a couple of cases that has worked out very well. Me and a very old friend have began talking again almost like we never stopped, and I am very happy about it. I have always loved him and his family, and looking back on the thing that caused the problem between us was really the best thing for me. If it hadn't happen, I would have traveled a different road and I would not be doing what I am doing now.
But to be honest, a couple of the people that I have contacted are still just self centered jerks, and that will never change. But I intend to keep a professional relationship with them, but that is all.
Cheryl and I have also come to realise (and thanks to you all for the letter of support and advice) that no matter what, there is always going to be jerks out there that want to mess with us. That's just how they get their Jolly's. I really feel sorry for them to a point, but that doesn't give them a right to harass us because they have nothing in life to look forward to. I have worked many long hard years to get to this point. I have made many sacrifices. I paid the price and I did the work. As Ringo sung "It don't come easy" but for some reason people just think this all happened over night, when it reality, it took 30 years to happen.
I have said it time and time again. I made my dream come true, and true, I had the help of some friends as well. An if your willing to do the things I have done, you can make your dreams come true as well. Heck, I will be your personal cheerleader to cheer you on. But there is no short cuts. None. Period.
In the next blog, i am going to write about what you have to do to be a professional Illustrator, day in and day out. This is going to be for all my young artist Friends out there. It will be designed to help them do the things it takes, which is way more than you may think. Since the days of the internet, the way you do business has changed in every way. You have to be able to offer more, do more, promote, build websites, have a good working knowledge of the web, know how to find jobs, and on and on. So, it could be a 3 part blog.
Well, it's almost time for my show, and my Honey is on the couch waiting for me. I love her so much, and I do my best to spoil her. She knows that I will rub her feet while we watch the show. I always have to be doing something with my hands, and I think she likes that, because even watching TV she gets rubbed on a lot. lol
Peace, Love and Blessings my friends.


Geo said...

ck, im glad to hear you have come to a point where forgiveness is apart of your life.

now go rub some feet !

Nick Rose said...

Lol, thanks George. Private foot rubber reporting for duty Ma'am!