Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is just awesome.

Hello Friends. I am glad to see you here again. I got the go ahead to show you panels from the Graphic novel I am working on, so starting with the next blog, you will start seeing them. Above is a logo I did for one of my good friends "Iron" Dave Byron. This is a logo for his company and it is also the film company doing the documentary with me in it "Kings of Scream...The Blood Brothers" (I'm still getting a kick out of being named a King Of Scream")
Logo's are something I really enjoy doing. I used to do a lot of them back in the day when I was a commercial artist, but just recently started doing them again. I do them very reasonably, so even a sub-contractor can afford to have one done for their cards, and t-shirt designs. It is my opinion that everyone should have good art to represent them. So i start my logo designs start at 100 bucks. The one above is a 100.
One of the great things that has just made my heart soar is that I have found new love for more than just one type of art. I love horror most of all, but I love doing logos and portraits, comics, just all kinds of things. Every day I get a huge charge out of working, and I work long days. Normally my day starts at 9 (sitting down at the comp and working) till 10 at night. I spend about 2 hours a day networking, but the rest is none stop art, and I absolutely love it. I am more happier now than I have ever been. I am with the woman of my dreams doing what God meant for me to do.
Every day, better and better things are happening. More money keeps coming in, and I am making so many awesome new friends. Now if only I can get past some old anger that I keep with me. But that is next and it will go. I know I will be a better man for it. Maybe then I can find real peace in my soul. I have to learn to forgive, but not forget. After all, isn't the challenge of life for all of us to learn, grow and change? To learn to love deeper and truer, to be the very best that each of us can be?
I know some of you can relate to this. I know when I was young, most people looked at me like I was a f**k up and was a lazy bum, because I had a dream of being an artist. An lord knows, I did some stupid things in my life. I was no angel, but I truly never meant any hard to anyone. But I grew up some, started my own carpet business so I could keep the bills paid while I came home at night, exhausted, and still painting and drawing, because that was my true love and mission in life. I did that for 20 years and my friends, I paid some HEAVY darn dues. But now, it has all paid off. If I died today, I would die a happy man knowing, "I did It"
Each of you can do it too. But it takes a lot of hard work and persistence. No, it's not an easy road, but nothing in this life worth having is easy. No matter what your heart desire is, or your dream, you can make it happen. But only you can. Goodnight my friends. Peace and Blessings.

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