Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am so thankful and feel so guilty

Hello my friends. It always seems like it is very late when I do a blog and about to fall on my face from exhaustion. Above is another wonderful and best to date video that Utiqano Bloods has made for me. This one is the bomb, I really love the music as well. Very Dramatic, and now we have over 2300 fans in under a week. Utiqano told me that this is a new Face Book record. This kid is for hire, and I will be posting links for you to be able to hire his very reasonably priced services, and he can do the same for you.
I've started work on the Mental Scars cover, and I like it so far, but I have to get the approval from Viper before I take it to the next step. But its twisted, sick and disturbing so it should be good to go.
I have been feeling guilty lately because things have been going so well. I mean between video's , movies, radio shows, books featuring articles and interviews with me an my art almost everywhere and being named by the media the "King of Scream" All within a 2 month period. I am so thankful to everyone, but I have found that I can't spend as much time writing to my fans, or even answering IM's anymore unless it is business. If i did that, then I wouldn't have time to paint, which I am fighting to have time to do now. Karyn told me today that we had to shoot another day of film for the documentary. Man, but she says it has to be done, and she is an award winning film maker. soooooo.
The thing that has shocked me the most is the friends, or the people I though where my friends when I was just a plain old carpet layer. Now these so called friends have turned on me like a pack of rabid dogs, and thats what they remind me of when i see them, spit coming from there mouths, telling me God is going to damn me for doing what I love, and they have even lied about me and stoled my possessions. They've even called Cheryl horrible names that she does not deserve. An you know why, it is just because she helped my dreams come true. Now she has to take abuse from these bible thumbers. But most of it Cheryl and I can replace, i just wish these idiots would quit calling here and leaving insane messages. I went to the Sheriff today to take out restraining orders on them. An to think 4 months ago, i considered them family. Please pray for Cheryl and myself, we're not sure what the people are capable of.
We'll I'm really tired my friends. These are wonderful times and they are times of new ground and I ask that you will keep us in your hearts and pray that we will make the right choices and do the right things. Peace and Blessing all. We love you and appreciate you for stopping by and giving a hoot.


cheryl0117 said...

I can handle anything those fuckers can dish out they just don't know me. i always seen the potential you had they must have been blind or stupid. I guarantee they feared me the first time they saw me because they knew in that moment that the world as they knew it would change.

Nick Rose said...

and it certainly did my darling! Now our world rocks.