Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moving Forward.

Hello to all that read this, which is few I am sure. I have put no meta-tags on the blog, nor have I promoted it in any way. I'm not even sure I will keep this blog. It depends on whether or not the domain host I go with for my new website offers a blog feature.

I have changed a great deal, and matured in ways I am not sure is good or not. So far, so good, so far. My goals as an Artist and Man have changed drastically. As an artist my main goals are to become the best I can and open my mind to new ideals that have been hard to obtain in the past. I also intent to become the most professional professional out there. I want the Art Director's and Buyers to enjoy their experience working with me. Quite often that means putting the ego on the shelf and bending to their will to give them the "vision" that they see. After all, that is my job as an illustrator. So many artist can't get past that thought.

My goals as a man are private, but I promise you, you would be surprised if you knew me personally. As an artist, things are going very well. The new work is winning award after award from a group of peers, other artist, AD's, and buyers. When this crowd is honoring you, it really means something. I think the "Dark" turn my work has taken has really people noticing, and I love doing it. The piece above is called "Dark Justice" and the model is Daniel's wife Joy. She is by far one of the best models I have ever Painted. I have a new model "Melissa" who will be shooting on Nov. 8th. She has a wonderful "dark and edgy" look.

Stay tuned here, and if I do move the blog, I will post a note to the new addy.

"May you find comfort in the darkness"