Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update 1

    My dear friends, for most of the spring, unless I have some new art to show you, I want be on line much.  Although this dental work is a very positive thing, I feel like it is a downer to keep talking about it, and right now this is dominating my life. I will post updates on how I am doing here and there for my friends that are worried. As it is, I can't even talk on the phone, the pain in my face is so intense. When it does ease up, it is because I am so stoned on pain meds I don't know what I am saying half the time.
   I am trying to get some work done during all of this, but I just have to take it one day at a time for now, and I sure as heck can't make any promises. But once I am healed, I will be in the best shape I have been in for several years, as far as feeling "good" on a daily basis.
   I will get some roughs and sketches up for you in the near future, and in the meantime, please don't worry. I will be fine. Love and Hugs,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Filling you in

   My friends, I do apologies for the lack of blogs of late, but as most of you know I am going through a series of 9 dental surgeries. I had the second one today and it went fine. This should all be done in about 7 weeks and then I will be able to really start kicking butt like you've never seen me do before. My teeth have been infected for no one knows how long, but it has been making me very sick for the last few years. My body has to constantly fight this along with diabetes, colitis, COPD and other problems. I have been going downhill bad the last several months. But know, after the first surgery I feel better than I can remember feeling in many years. Luckily we finally figured out what was going on in my body.
   I should be back with a regular blog in a few days, but I wanted you to know that I love you all the love, support and prayers from you have got me through this. Madison and the kids have really been taking great care of me as well. This easter sunday will be our 2 year anniversary! Can you believe that? Wow, time has been flying and I've never been happier in my life.
   Another milestone is that we hit over 1500 Facebook readers on the blog today! Just amazing.  Love and Hugs. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chainsaw Sally Begins!!!!

     Hello my friends. I am writing this in two sittings. I have about an hour before I am going to the dentist to start getting some major dental work done on my teeth. It is going to take several months to get it all finished, but once it is done, I will be not be ashamed to smile anymore, and I will be more healthier.  But at the moment, I feel like a condemned man waiting for his turn in the chair, electric chair that is! lol.
   This is something exciting and I am doing it for my fellow artist, so please read. I have started a new account on Facebook called Nick RoseThree. The first one is maxed out and the second one is almost half way there, but I started 3 for a very different reason. One of my goals is to share and teach and that is what 3 is for. I am going to show you day by day how I work and the progress I make, except when I have to take a day off because of my health. Hopefully those will get less and less as time goes by and I work on improving my health and body every day.  But on today's blog I am going to give you and ideal of how Nick RoseThree works. I do not put this many drawings in progress on my other FB accounts or on this blog, so if you really want to see how I do my thing and learn from me, then go here and send a request. I will add you.
     Before I start with the art today though, I want to share some thoughts with you. I hope you will take the time to read and think about this. Recently some people I love very much have become sick. Hopefully through surgery they will be fine, but it is possible we could lose them as well. This has really been a wake up call for me personally. I have a habit of keeping a certain distant from loved ones because of some things that happened a few years ago. Since that time, I haven't let anyone outside of Madison and the kids "In"  and this has been a horrible mistake on my part. I do have a lot of people that really are good friends to me and love me.  Realizing I could lose a couple of them just like that, made me promise myself that I would start being a better friend to them and let the ones I love in. I would start calling and writing more, not put them off when they call or something. I also decided, whether male or female, I would always tell them that I love them and let them know they mean the world to me.  After all, you never know when you are going to lose someone or yourself.
    You should never be embarrassed about telling the people you love that you love them. If you tell another man you love them, that doesn't make you "Gay", it makes you a better person. There is nothing wrong with love or expressing it, no matter who you are, your beliefs, your sexual preferences and so on. If only everyone would realize this, the world would become a better place instantly. Think about this, and then start spreading love to all your love ones. Who knows, it could start a chain reaction.
    Here is where I am going to have to take a break and head to the dentist, hopefully when I get back I will be up to finishing this....
I survived the surgery and am actually doing well, although it is the following day. They pulled out one tooth and the remains of 3 teeth that went bad years ago. There was a huge amount of infection in my gums and this is one of the main reasons my body has been feeling bad for so long. On top of the things that disabled me, my body is having to fight this infection everyday. No wonder I have felt so bad so many days. In two weeks, they are going to do my right side, pulling out 4 teeth from there as well. Then finally in a month, 4 of my front teeth have to come out. Then, I will be fitted with "Partials" and I will have nice teeth and feel a thousand times better. I want to give thanks to the "Lady and the Lord" for making this possible. They do provide well for me.
     Ok, on to art. As I said earlier, your not going to see this much detail in my blog. At max in the blog, I show a painting at 4 stages tops. On Nick RoseThree, you will get to see it in about 20 to 30 steps.  I did not put the first two steps here on the blog, because mostly, they are just a bunch a scribbles that help me get to this point here....

     If you noticed, to this point I have keep the pencil work very light. The main reason is I want to offer pencil prints of the work as well as the oil painting prints. I work with 3 pencils. I use a 4h to lay the drawing out because it is very light, but very hard. It doesn't smear like a softer lead, but you have to learn not to put a lot of pressure on the pencil or it will leave intentions in the paper if you have to erase.  From this point on, I use a HB lead and a 2b lead pencil, like the one you would use for school or just everyday use. Now I am very sure that other artist will tell you they use other things instead, and that is wonderful. It is a personal thing, and these are the pencils I learned to work with through the years.
    Erasers are important as well. I use a Pentel "Clic" eraser, I also use a battery operated eraser, and I use a "kneaded" eraser as well.  Between the 3, they do a good job cleaning out any mess or smears I will make while drawing.....

    Now I start adding the details, values and shadows. I've always like to start with the eyes first. I'm not sure why, I just do and from there I work on the rest of the face. (If you will notice, there is a paper towel on the right on the drawing. I have found that by using a paper towel under my hand, it keeps the smudging to a minimum}
    In this painting, I am basing it on a "publicity" photo of  April's character "Chainsaw Sally" , but I am wanting to take it up a few notches from there. If you have watched "Chainsaw Sally" show or movie, you know it can get pretty gory in a cool way. If you haven't been able to see Sally in action, then go here  and you can see video, pictures or whatever you heart desires. After I am happy with the "Likeness" of April in the drawing, I start adding new elements. For me, I start thinking about these things as I start laying out the drawing. In a lot of cases, I start thinking about how I want something to look a couple of weeks before I even start the piece.
    Every artist is different, and I was trained to do all of these values schemes and drawings long before I start the finished piece, and on occasion, I will still do it like that depending on what the piece is and what it is for.  But in this case, I want it to be spontaneous like the "Dark Fairy" painting I finished recently...
  In the second picture, you can see some of the changes I am starting to make, but we're just getting warmed up! lol and here is another close up of April's face in progress.
    So next time you see this piece on the blog, the drawing will be finished. If you want to see it in the steps that get to the finished drawing, then you need to send a friends request to Nick RoseThree.
    Well my friends, I hope to see you there but if not, you know you will see me here several times a month. I hope you all are having a wonderful week and enjoyed seeing this piece in this much progress. Love and Hugs
"May the Darkness Comfort You"
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