Sunday, October 25, 2009

Laying it out.

I want to talk to you about the truth. Not the popular truth, but the one that really is. First, let's talk about me. I am not perfect, nor do I act like I am, nor do I want to be. The problem is that people think I am something special because I can draw real good. Heck, when I go to a convention, I have people line up just to buy prints and have their picture made with me. So, I get noticed, and I really don't want to be. The bottom line with me is that pure and simple that I just want to draw and make a living. There are times that I try to help other people, but I tell you those days are over. i might throw out a tip here and there, but that is all.
I am rebuilding my website, and if young artist want to learn tips that where taught to me by Master Artist, then I will offer that on my website for a fee. No one does anything for me for free, so that is now my attitude. I am angry right now because once again, I let some clown talk me to doing a business deal with them, and I agreed with out checking them out. Wicked Kitty Productions has been dissolved right now, but i am going to bring it back within a year, without a partner that treats women like they are a simple minded sexual objects for him to "wack off" to their pictures that woman gave in good faith for a book that I was going to do the cover to. I am sorry, but I do have ethics and morals and if I am going to do a sexy picture it will be no more than pg-13, period.
I cannot believe I put myself into this situation after knowing that this person, at 50 years old, still lived with Mommy and Daddy, has no car, has nothing, not even a bank account. So, I am telling you, I am a artist for hire. I work for pay only, and if I've never worked for you before, I ask for a 20% deposit up front. If you want to read more about the pervert I am talking about, read Cheryl's blog
Outside of that, I am doing real good, but I am sick of all the perverts and con artist out there, and that is the reason I am changing the way I am doing business. I also have a business manager and agent now. Peace and Blessings.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting back in the groove!

Hello my friends. I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Since the infection in my lungs has cleared up, I feel better than I have felt in a very long time, and my mind set is much more positive. Now, I just need to get strong again. The move is coming up within the next month, and I don't know hardly anyone in Saginaw to ask to help. So, It's probably gonna whine up being me and Cheryl moving everything, and I think we only have a day to day to do it in.
Above is the 14th interior illustration for "Darc Karnivale" It is for a story called "Bloodlines" written by Travis James. Counting the cover, that is a total of 15 paintings so far, with 2 more to go. But I have to take a break from this and do a cover for a book that Wicked Kitty Productions is publishing called "Hot and Horrifying" . It's going to be a wrap around Cover and feature most of the "Scream Queens" in the business, so this one is going to be a big job! I am thinking it will take about 2 weeks to complete, and then it will be time to finish the last 2 illustrations for "Darc Karnivale" I also have a movie poster coming up pretty soon and a DVD cover as well as a few other surprises before Christmas. My day as a pro has arrived. I am making good money, not getting rich, but able to pay some of the bills. We still have to be a 2 income family for now, but give me 2 more years and Cheryl will be a full time writer. Somebody write that in stone for me! lol
I am really looking forward to working with all the "Scream Queens", and this looks likes its going to be a regular gig for me as well. Since I own half of Wicked Kitty Productions, and WKP produces Scream Queen Documentaries and books (As well as many other types of things), I will be doing all the artwork, unless I have to "farm" some of
it because I get to busy. I am thinking at some point I will have to hire or sub out some work down the road, depending on the project. But it seems like now that everyone who comes to me wants me to do their work and no one else. But I do have some projects down the road where I may hire other artist to help me out, but right now, all of that is VERY TOP SECRET!
If you haven't noticed, look to the right, and you will see a new listing at the very top titled "Links to help Artist" You will find listings of places to find work to the prices you should be getting paid if your a professional. It also provides Artist Contracts for most any use and a listing of Copyright Laws that most folks don't have a clue about. If you have a good link to something useful, then please send it to me, and I will add it.
Well, I'm gonna be spending the rest of the day working on the website, and tomorrow start on the painting for "Hot and Horrifying" Peace and Blessings all!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here we go again.

Hello my friends. Since I last blogged, I spent almost a week in the hospital. It turned out that a chest infection i got 5 months ago when I decided to quite smoking never went away, just stayed in hiding. It was responsible for a lot of the health issues I have been having these past several months. Well, they finally figured it out and now I am recovering. The bad news is that I am dragging around an oxygen cord for the next several weeks, or at least we're hoping that will be all I need it for.
For right now, I am not going to keep making promises my health will not let me keep to you. I will be doing the guest blogger as planned, and the first one will go up by Friday night. I'll see you soon, but I have to dig myself out of another hole and get back on track. Peace and Blessings.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"And the Show must go on!"

Hello my friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend like Cheryl and I have. We worked all weekend but when you love what you do, It sure doesn't seem like work, and now I only have 3 more Illustrations left and "Darc Karnivale" will be done. Now that is bumming me out. I am going to start on another one tomorrow and after that I am doing the first cover for Mine and Dave Byron's first cover together as Wicked Kitty Productions. The book is called "The Hot and Horrifying" and yes it is about Scream Queens. In other words, i get to paint twenty something of the most beautiful women in the horror industry. So, you will get to see a ton of awesome art by me.
You know, at first I thought me and Dave teaming up on some projects was a great idea. I kind of saw it as a really different outlet for me to do some different things that I had always wanted to do, but man i had no clue to as all the wonderful things that are coming our way because of our partnership. Dave and Me "Clicked" from day one and everything we touch together so far has turned to gold for us. I'm not bragging my friends, it's just that I am as amazed by all the things that happen and keep happening for us. Even before Dave and I formed WKP's so many things where happening in my art career, it was mind bogging and it still is. But actually goes back to before that even. Moving to Michigan seems to have been the catalyst that started the things in motion and changed destiny for me. I can't believe all that has happen.
Today, we found out we are moving next month into a much bigger home and I have a "Dungeon" to turn into my studio! I am so excited. Finally I can get all my art stuff unpacked! People, I am loving life, and yes I feel like a very rich man. I have Cheryl and the kids, and I love them with all my heart. My health is improving, slowly but surely! I am offered more and more work each day, and its ALL COOL work that I love to draw and paint! It just doesn't get any better than this, I swear! lol A lot of you fellows are tripping because our (Mine and Dave) production company is working with every scream queen in the business, and I get to draw and talk to all of them. What I love about this is that 3 years ago I couldn't hire a model if my life depended on it, and now i get letters almost every day from top models, female and male asking me to consider painting them into one of my paintings.
I'm sorry if I seem to be rambling, but I am hyper and happy as heck right now. I am getting me a studio again, and you have no idea of how much that means to me. Okay, I'm switching gears on you. Starting this Thursday i am going to start having guest bloggers. Sometimes it will be every week, and other times every other week. And these guest will be the people that I am working with on art projects or people (Like Scream Queens) who I am working with for the production company. One of the main reasons for this is that I know I probably don't say all of the things I need to tell you, and in my mind this would be a great way for you to get a better insight on the wonderful things we have going on. Plus you get hear from some pretty serious players. Coming up this Thursday night will be Mr. Dave Byron, co-founder of Wicked Kitty Production, a top of the line editor and a heck of a writer.
I will be doing my blogs on Monday nights and some Thursday nights. This is another thing, I am trying to post on regular nights, and we will be having pod-cast coming up in the very near future. Well, got to run. Love you all and see you soon!