Friday, August 30, 2013

A rose a bit wilted

Hello my friends,

I've been a little wilted lately.  Spent a good portion of the day this week at the doctor working to get my blood sugar under control.  It looks like I'm going to have to go back on medicine.  I'm not pleased, but you know...I am going to do it, and kick this diabetic crap in the butt so I can get back to doing my art the way I want to.

Speaking of my art!  I've made some major progress on 'Spooner'. 

Here are some close ups, and of you see in the top picture we have the Miley Cyrus tongue.  I'm renaming that pose the "MC HORROR TONGUE" Because it scares the crap out of even me, and look what I paint. 

Here it is in the big version.  A little bit further and I'll be done.  Really happy with how it's turning out and the mood is just as creepy as I wanted it to be.

One more thing before I get off here and get my butt to work...

I have "Pirate's Booty" up for sale on ebay here : Buy my BOOTY  Just two days before it's off, so grab her now, while you still can.

I'll catch you all next week...

May the darkness comfort you,


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